Custom Synthesis is our business  

Custom Synthesis


Shanghai Fangkai Chemical Co.,Ltd is a professional chemical company concentrated in Custom Synthesis of reagents, intermediates, and building blocks; with our talented chemists and persistent excellence in chemical service, we have gained satisfied clients from the global pharmaceutical industry.

We mainly serve the pharmaceutical industry to Custom Synthesis intermediates, reagents and active compounds; we also synthesize high-value-added products used in the electronic, catalytic, photographic, diagnostic and biomedical industry.  

We are expertised in synthesizing multi-step reactions from milligrams to kilograms scale. We understand the importance of quality control and timely delivery for custom synthesis.

Some of reactions we are experienced in performingl include:

Asymmetric synthesis, Chiral synthesis, Solid Phase synthesis; Alkylation, Cyanation, Nitration, Epoxidation, Friedel Craft Reactions, Grignard Reaction, Halogenation, Hydrogenation, Hydrolysis, Ketalization, Oxidation and Reduction, Organolithium reactions; Iodine, Bromine, Fluorine chemistry.